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Flowcharts for UX Designers

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A Digital Product Designer’s Hack For Going From Fuzzy To Crystal-Clear Ideas

Digital Product Designers are a bit like translators, from the business world to the digital one. They need to understand deeply the processes to create a product that matches with business objectives and user experience. They have a direct impact on project’s success or failure.

We wanted to talk with one of them, Calin Balea, Digital Product Designer at Crossover. Here, we share that interview with you.

Read the Interview

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Flowchart Maker

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Decision Tree Maker

Simplify decision making and accelerate progress

Organizational Chart Maker

Clarify roles and lines of responsibility
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I like the idea of the tool auto formatting for me. Animation is very useful to bring my diagrams to life for my users
Textografo is so simple and intuitive, even business people can use it to explain their thoughts.
Ron Healy, Agile Business Analyst
I like the idea of being able to type while facilitating a discussion and see the chart materialize. That’s pretty cool.
Mary Blackburn, Business Analyst

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