Do you have trouble getting stakeholders to open your emails, read them, and make decisions? Still can’t get clients to answer your calls, even after you’ve tried everything?


Does waiting for your stakeholder’s decision make you want to scream?

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Just the other day I talked to Edward, a business analyst who was having this very problem. He told me how Textografo helped him overcome the communication breakdown that kept his stakeholder from answering…


“Julien, I just wanted to let you know that I have successfully utilized Textografo for my current project.

While showing “Busy” status the whole day today (my stakeholder) was able to find time to follow the link, review the flow, and respond to my email within an hour.

Being able to do this online saved me the trouble of chasing my stakeholder who has a very unpredictable and difficult schedule to work around and is not very quick responding to emails otherwise.

To me, this totally proves the success and concept of the tool and I plan on using it for all my other projects and confidently referring this to others!”


Did you catch that? With Textografo, not only did Edward save time, but so did his stakeholder!

I hear from business analysts, software developers, marketers, and lots of others who have to explain complex systems every day.

They tell me one of their biggest challenges is explaining their work to stakeholders.

It makes sense. Busy people don’t have the time to read long, memorandum-style explanations.


Sometimes words alone won’t cut it. It’s just too much!

When you use Textografo, everybody involved will appreciate the clear picture you’ve laid out. And you might finally get that decision you’ve been waiting on.

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And you? What’s your experience with stakeholders’ decisions?? Do you have some tips and trick to share to get things done? Feel free to comments below! 🙂