Do you diagram in your sleep with one hand tied behind your back? While rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time?

Then you’re just the person we’re looking for!

My team and I are excited to announce Textografo’s first ever Ideal Diagram Competition.


It’s easy to enter, and everybody wins something…

Send me your best Textografo diagram before September 30, and you’ll get 25% on a premium annual subscription. In fact…send me two, and I’ll give you 50% off.

And if yours is chosen as the best diagram, you’ll get a whole year’s subscription for FREE!

Not sure what we’re looking for?

You can compete in the following categories:…

  • Sales & Marketing (drip marketing, sales process…)
  • Process Analysis (order management, logistics…)
  • UX / Web Design / Software Engineering (site map, algorithm…)
  • Operations (customer service, maintenance, IT…)
  • Just for Fun (Why you should vote for Bill Clinton this year…really?! 🙂

Feel free to send a flowchart, mind map, decision tree…whatever works best for you!


Taking part is easy!

Once you’ve completed the diagram you want to submit:

  • Click on the share button
  • Copy the link in the “LINK TO VIEW” section
  • Click on the in-app Help Center at the bottom right of the application…
  • Send us the link via in-app Help Center at the bottom right of the application — It looks like this…

  • Click on “New conversation”
  • Paste the link here and send it to us…

…You can say hello as well if you want to! 😉

So have fun. Make it your own.
And may the best diagrammer win!


Julien & Team

PS: Be sure to get your entry in by September 30. That’s the last day to enter and take advantage of the discount. After that, we’ll pick a big winner. It could be you!