Ok – Let’s be honest. We told you that Textografo is super easy to use. This is true. But telling that doesn’t mean that you can guess how to use it. There is still one or two things to learn. As some of you told us they didn’t succeed doing their first diagram with Textografo, we have decided to build a step-by-step tutorial that will show you exactly what to type. You need 5 minutes to complete it and learn the basics.

Remember that creating a diagram (flowchart, organizational chart, decision tree, mindmap…) with Textografo is much faster than with conventional tools. And even more when you need to update your diagram as you just need to handle text and don’t have to position, align or connect shapes. Textografo does that for you, saving you a lot of time to think rather than to draw.

How to activate it? Just go to the HELP menu and select “Step-by-step Tutorial”.

We are still learning and working hard to make Textografo fast, intuitive and easy to use for technical and business people. That applies to this tutorial as well. So if you have any comment, just let me know.