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Interactive Decision Tree and Process Flows

You already know Textografo as the fastest online diagramming tool around. But we’re always looking for ways to kick it up a notch. That’s why we’ve added a super exciting new feature: Interactive Decision Tree and Process Flows What does it mean? For now, the animation was working in a linear way, meaning that shapes are displayed one by one (by clicking on the Next button or anywhere on the screen) following the lines’ order [...]

Step-by-step Onboarding Tutorial with a Flowchart Example

Ok - Let's be honest. We told you that Textografo is super easy to use. This is true. But telling that doesn't mean that you can guess how to use it. There is still one or two things to learn. As some of you told us they didn't succeed doing their first diagram with Textografo, we have decided to build a step-by-step tutorial that will show you exactly what to type. You need 5 minutes [...]

A Digital Product Designer’s Hack For Going From Fuzzy To Crystal-Clear Ideas

Digital Product Designers are a bit like translators, from the business world to the digital one. They need to understand deeply the processes to create a product that matches with business objectives and user experience. They need to design something easy to understand and to use. So obviously they have a direct impact on project's success and its range (big hit or medium one) or failure. We wanted to talk with one of them, working [...]

A Marketing CEO’s Hack For Getting Teams On Track

Dev Basu, CEO of Powered By Search   CEOs are the big-picture people in their organizations. And successful ones keep tabs on how their teams are communicating (or aren’t communicating) with each other. We wanted to know how the head of one successful agency solved the problem of communication breakdown using Textografo’s lightening-fast diagramming tool. That’s why we got in touch with Dev Basu, CEO of Powered By Search, a Toronto-based digital marketing [...]

11 Ways Textografo Gets your New Year’s Resolutions Back on Track

Ah, January! We all start the new year with ambition and confidence. But rarely does the year end with a long list of fulfilled New Year’s resolutions. Research shows that 25% of us abandon our New Year’s resolutions by the second week of January! But you can buck the trend of broken promises and follow-through on your resolutions. Experts say that easy-to-use tools can keep you on track and smooth the way to achieving [...]

4 Flowcharts Templates to Smooth Your Customer Service Experience

You’d like to think that all the moving parts of your business will run smoothly every single day, and that each and every one of your customers will happily sing your praises to everyone they meet. But reality is not always so rosy. Sometimes you can’t prevent a less-than-perfect customer experience. People—including even the best of your team members—aren’t perfect. And there are often outside factors beyond your control. What you can control is [...]