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How To Use Diagrams to Be A Visual Information Super-Hero

If you’re noticing more diagrams than ever before online and in the workplace, it’s because they work! Studies show that when text is combined with shapes and images people are more likely to take notice. They are more likely to remember the information presented to them, too. Here are four ways diagrams give you visual information super-powers that help you grab--and keep--your audience’s attention 1. Diagrams simplify complex information. Diagrams condense material down to [...]

Quick Tip: Icons

As your diagram becomes increasingly complex, you’ll need to find new ways to help others make sense of all the information without frustration and overwhelm. That’s where Textografo’s #ico command comes in handy. It’s an easy way to assign icons to shapes! Here’s how it’s done… On the same command line as your shape’s name, type the command #ico. A drop-down list of options will appear. Choose the icon that best suits the category of [...]

Never Lose Track of an Old Diagram

You’ve been working hard on a project for three weeks now. And Bam! Your stakeholders change their minds. “Let’s go back to the old version” they say. “Um, sure. Let me just step into this time machine…” It doesn’t have to be that way. Textografo Premium has your back! You don’t don’t have to remember what your diagram looked like last Tuesday (or even 15 minutes ago). We know that the more complex your diagram [...]

Empower your team with real-time collaboration

  You already know Textografo as the fastest online diagramming tool around. But we’re always looking for ways to kick it up a notch. That’s why we’ve added an exciting new feature: real-time collaboration. Here’s how it works:   Now, not only can your build your diagrams in a meeting, but you can also share inline comments in real time, saving you the time and trouble of sending files back and forth. No more waiting [...]

Textografo: The 40% Faster and Cheaper Alternative to Visio

  When it comes to diagramming, are you sending a battleship to do a speedboat’s job? Watch this video (2 min long) to see what a difference speedy diagramming makes. Like a hulking battleship, when you set a course in conventional drag-and-drop diagramming software, you’d better stick to it. If you want to change direction, it will take some time to maneuver. That might be okay for a big corporation like Boeing or GE. Their [...]

Test your diagramming chops and win

Do you diagram in your sleep with one hand tied behind your back? While rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time? Then you’re just the person we’re looking for! My team and I are excited to announce Textografo’s first ever Ideal Diagram Competition.   It’s easy to enter, and everybody wins something… Send me your best Textografo diagram before September 30, and you’ll get 25% on a premium annual subscription. In [...]