When it comes to diagramming, are you sending a battleship to do a speedboat’s job?

Watch this video (2 min long) to see what a difference speedy diagramming makes.

Like a hulking battleship, when you set a course in conventional drag-and-drop diagramming software, you’d better stick to it. If you want to change direction, it will take some time to maneuver.

That might be okay for a big corporation like Boeing or GE. Their people have lots of time to make adjustments, and that’s by design. Giants of industry can’t afford to be flexible in their processes. They need consistency.

As for the rest of us, we have to be nimble to stay competitive. The market changes fast. And to keep up the pace, we need a tool that gives us an edge over the big guys.

That’s why my team and I built Textografo for speed.

Textografo’s text-to-diagram model enables you to create diagrams quickly and change course in a flash.

To show what a difference this can make, we pitted our text-to-diagram software against one of the usual drag-and-drop options.

Watch this short video to see who wins when Textografo goes head-to-head against Microsoft Visio…

As you can see, making even small changes to a Visio diagram can mean having to rework connections between shapes and reposition and realign shapes. That will slow you down.


Creating a diagram is not a linear process.

You need to continually adjust your process as flow gets clearer in your mind.
And if you have to make several changes—forget it! You might as well start over from scratch.

With Textografo, adding a new process shape or decision to the middle of your diagram won’t throw your whole process out of whack. You can easily move shapes around whenever and wherever they’re needed.

In fact, it’s handled so smoothly that you can draft your diagram, share it in the middle of an interview, meeting, or workshop and integrate the feedback on the fly. You can get the job done quickly, which your stakeholders will appreciate.

Textografo is the affordable and flexible Visio alternative that wins hands-down in every race. Think of it as an agile speed boat running circles around the big guys as they plug along.

Sometimes bigger—and more expensive—isn’t better after all.

Julien & Team