“It’s quickly going to be a mess here. Is there a way to organize diagrams by folder?”

That’s a question I recently received from William, a prolific diagrammer with an all-too-common problem—lots of diagrams to keep track of.


I can relate. When I get a complex project, my first reflex is to split it into parts. Only then can I focus on one small part of the project at a time and at the same time fully analyze the overall project.

As a business analyst in my last company , it was just part of the job. I couldn’t even begin the real work before splitting requirements into functional and non-functional parts.

And my toolbox always included context diagrams, business process flowcharts, use cases, decision trees and so on…

It’s easy to see how so many diagrams multiplied by several clients could turn into one big mess!


To solve this problem, we’ve added a feature that lets you quickly create a folder or a sub-folder representing your clients, departments, projects or whatever categories makes sense to you, in much the same way that you would create a new diagram:

  • First, you enter the name of your new folder on a line as if you were creating a new diagram.
  • Then, to start a new diagram within that folder, hit the return key and begin typing the name of your diagram.
  • Finally, hit the tab key in order to “file” your new diagram under your chosen label.


Watch this quick video tutorial to see the filing system in action.


Once you’ve created several folders, you can zoom in and focus on a specific one by clicking on the bullet beside the name of your folder. Or zoom out and see all your folders and diagrams at once.

Textografo’s organizing system allows you to minimize the diagrams you aren’t working on at the moment, so you can focus on what’s important right now.

At the same time you know that your other diagrams are tucked away in a safe place. And because they’re so organized, you’ll be able to find them in a snap.