You already know Textografo as the fastest online diagramming tool around. But we’re always looking for ways to kick it up a notch.

That’s why we’ve added a super exciting new feature: Interactive Decision Tree and Process Flows

What does it mean? For now, the animation was working in a linear way, meaning that shapes are displayed one by one (by clicking on the Next button or anywhere on the screen) following the lines’ order in the text editor.

This is great when you want to present the full diagram to your team or client. This feature  – which is one of the most appreciated – will obviously stay there so you can use it as you do today.

But what if you don’t want to display the full diagram but rather decide on a specific path to follow, taking a decision when there is a variety of options? This is a typical scenario in a decision tree where you ask a question and there are various possible answers. Then you go one way or the other with multiple questions until getting to a conclusion.

You will have buttons to take this kind of decision so you can now easily build interactive decision trees for troubleshooters, phone scripts, process guides, diagnostic systems and more.

Well, that’s a lot of words 🙂 so let’s make it real and just show you an example. Click on the following image and decide where to go on holiday!

Interactive Decision Tree Diagram

If you want to see some examples oriented to customer service, check this post and to click on the diagrams that are provided:

This feature is especially useful if you have to manage a process, guideline, assessments or script for customer support, call centers, sales agents and more.

Give it a try. Create a flowchart or a mindmap, click play and make your own decision on the path to follow!