You’ve been working hard on a project for three weeks now.

And Bam!

Your stakeholders change their minds. “Let’s go back to the old version” they say.

“Um, sure. Let me just step into this time machine…”

It doesn’t have to be that way. Textografo Premium has your back!

You don’t don’t have to remember what your diagram looked like last Tuesday (or even 15 minutes ago).

We know that the more complex your diagram becomes, the more often you’ll need to make small changes along the way.

That’s why Textografo Premium saves your diagrams regularly–every 15 minutes as you are working.

The revision history feature gives you the power to peer into the past. You can go back to the very beginning—or to any point between then and now.

If you’re a Premium subscriber, you simply click on the clock icon:

When the right-hand pane opens to show your diagram’s history, you can find changes by the day and by the minute.

And reverting to an older version of your diagram is as simple as clicking “restore this version.”

So you don’t need a time machine after all! And you never have to start over from scratch.

Go back to the old version? No problem, you’ve got it covered!