When you’re stuck on a problem or searching for the next big idea, mind maps are still the gold standard in turning brainstorm sessions into real solutions.

Originally meant to be drawn with pen and paper—and later the conference room whiteboard—the idea was to get your thoughts down as quickly as possible–without stopping long enough to lose information.  

Mind maps break through the barriers of linear thinking, by allowing you to…

  • Run with ideas at full speed,
  • Capture ideas before they are forgotten,


  • Reveal surprising connections between thoughts.


The Problem with Most Mind Mapping Software

There is mind mapping software out there, but it can be difficult to work with. Most mind mapping programs are impractical and time-consuming.

A lot of users give up. They go back to  the old whiteboard.

Some mind map fans have taken to writing it all down on paper and then transferring everything to a wonky mind mapping program—wasting more time in the end. But the idea is to save time and QUICKLY FIND A SOLUTION to your problem.

So how can you unlock your best ideas with mind maps and harness the speed of 21st century technology at the same time?


The Solution: Text-to-Mind Maps

Now there’s a way to make digital mind maps that are just as effective and even faster than working from a whiteboard. Textografo takes the best of both worlds—the openness and speed of the old-fashioned method and the flexibility and shareability of working on a computer.

Watch this quick video and see how it works in Textografo.


Here are four ways that Textografo’s digital mind maps can put your idea machine into overdrive. You can…

1 – Share Fresh Ideas Fearlessly

Textografo does the hard work for you, so you and your team can have a freewheeling discussion. You just take notes as you go. Textografo puts everything into the right place, leaving you unhampered by the usual technical difficulties. And you don’t have to worry about running out of room like you would on a whiteboard!


2 – Move on to the Next Thought Quickly

There’s no waiting for the next idea to come. Say it while it’s fresh on your mind. With simple hashtag commands, Textografo knows exactly where your ideas connect.


 3 – Connect Ideas Clearly

As your ideas keep coming, you’ll begin to see the big picture. Your thoughts will connect and make better sense. Zoom out, and that 30,000-foot view might reveal the unexpected significance of a particular idea.


4 – Collaborate with Colleagues Easily

It’s easy to send your finished mind map to the people who need to see it by using Textografo’s share feature. When someone receives your mind map, they can push play and watch your ideas connect point-by-point, giving them insight into how you came to your solution.


In short, Textografo makes it possible to quickly turn suggestions into solutions and concepts into plans of action. And once you’ve finished brainstorming, you’ll have a professional-looking diagram ready for presentation.

That beats a whiteboard hands-down, don’t you think?


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