Text to Diagram Generator

A new way to create diagrams! Textografo is the text to flowchart tool that makes your life a little bit less stressful when you need to create, update and share a diagram.

Diagramming tool that generate diagrams from text

Flowcharts & diagrams at lightning speed!

Based on an easy textual syntax. Type #start to start, #circle for a circle, #decision to split the process. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

Diagram animation to display the diagram step by step

Present with impact

One click animates your entire diagram with perfectly positioned objects and seamless transitions.

themes for diagrams

Dress it up

Choose a quick theme to change the color and look of your diagram to match your unique identity.

Collaborate with anyone

Involve everyone

Diagrams are stored in the cloud so your team can view, give feedback, and share ideas.

cross-functional diagrams with actors

Highlight roles

Every team or team member can focus on what’s most important to them.

Add notes and callout for each shape

Never lose an idea

Use Notes to attach virtual post-its onto any part of your diagram and keep all your ideas in sight.

Focus on any part of your diagram

Focus on the details

Zoom in to focus on crucial steps and zoom out to see the big picture.

Nested diagrams and subprocesses

Simplify complexity

Illustrate relationships between processes by nesting one diagram into another.

embed diagrams

Wherever you need them

Embed your diagram onto a website or platform. Textografo plays well with all your favourite tools.

Revision history for diagrams

Keep on perfecting

If you need to go back to a previous version, you’ll find your revision history all safely backed up in the cloud.