Textografo Diagrams for Confluence – Documentation

Textografo provides a simple way to add dynamic and interactive diagrams like flowcharts, mind maps, decision trees, site maps, organizational charts and more into your Confluence pages.


How to integrate a diagram into a Confluence page?

Start by creating your diagram in Textografo

  1. Create an account OR Log-in
  2. Create or edit your diagrams
  3. Share it (share button in the top menu)
  4. Copy the link

Then insert this diagram in your Confluence page

  1. (If not done yet) Install Textografo Diagrams for Confluence
  2. Edit your Confluence page
  3. Click on the + button and select the “Textografo Diagrams” macro
  4. Paste the link provided in Textografo
  5. Save


What the benefits of using Textografo Diagramming tool with Confluence?

  • Create and update diagrams faster using simple text commands
  • Make great presentations with animation. Display you diagram step by step just in one click on the Play button
  • Allow people to view, comment and even edit your diagram with you in real time.
  • Changes done to your diagram in Textografo are immediately reflected in your Confluence page
  • All interactive features – like actors, external links, notes or icons – available in Textografo are working in Confluence! Get interactive and impressive diagrams
  • Link processes and subprocesses with nested diagrams
  • Download diagrams as PNG or SVG
  • And more…

Watch our short videos to discover all these features.


How to install Textografo Diagrams for Confluence?

  • Install it from the Atlassian Marketplace by clicking here:

Atlassian Market Place Addons Textografo Diagramming

  • And just follow the steps as providing at the beginning of this page 🙂


Any Question?

Please, send an email to support@textografo.com.