How do I create cross-functional flowcharts?

Cross-functional flowcharts overview

A cross-functional flowchart allows you to define which actor (e.g. department, functional area, person, system…) is responsible for each part of your process.

In textografo, actors are identified by a circle positioned on the shape as shown below.
The legend on the top left indicates the list of actors using the first two letter of the name of each actor.


  • Ac = Account Management
  • Ma = Marketing
  • De = Development

Tips! Position your mouse over an actor to see the tooltip with the full name.tooltip on actors in the cross-functional flowchart


How to create an actor?

In order to indicate that the marketing department actor is responsible for creating ads, you should use the following syntax:

Actors syntax in the cross-functional flowchart

Note: You can place @marketing anywhere in the line.

The result will be the shape below:Graphical rendering of a shape with an actor

Important! All your actors are shared across your diagrams. By starting to type the name of an actor, a dropdown list will be displayed with all your existing actors.Shared list of actors across all flowcharts


How to highlight a particular actor?

Just click on the corresponding actor in the legend (top left corner). Processes where your actor is involved will be visible whereas the other part of your diagram will be faded.

Note that you can highlight more than one actor by clicking on their symbol in the legend

What else?

  • You can highlight actors in PLAY Mode (as in standard mode) by clicking on the legend
  • Actors are displayed in the legend in alphabetical order
  • The actor full name is displayed when exporting the diagram as an image
  • Actors are shared across all diagrams. Start typing @ to see the full list of your actors