How do I create a mind map?


Step by step:

  • Click on the + button in the top menu and select “New Mindmap (Empty)”

  • You can now change the title of the mindmap and modify the “Main Topic”  label to fit with your project
  • Notice the hashtags #right and #left. They define the orientation of the next shapes. Let’s show an example.

  • As you can see, PRO and TODO goes on the right of the main shape and PERSO and IDEAS go on the left hand
    Important! Please note the indentation of these shapes. You need to indent them by Using the TAB key after the hashtag which defines the alignment.
  • At any time you can change the orientation. The easiest way to do so it to select the parent shape – here “What’s in my head?” – and then select a new alignment using the drop-down list on the top right corner of the graphical canvas.


  • By selecting “Bottom”, you get the following result:


You can define the alignment for every shape in your diagram by selecting the parent shape and defining the orientation of his children which give you a large choice of possible layout for your mindmap.