Too darned long. That’s what I’ve always felt when asked to create a diagram on my computer. To me, it was so ironic that something as simple as joining boxes of text could be done quicker with a pen on paper, than on a 21st-century top-of-the-line business computer.

Hi, I’m Julien

As with every good startup story, it started with a personal problem. My name is Julien, and for many years, I worked as a business analyst. One day I was talking with a colleague who had created a flowchart. It wasn’t a very big flowchart, and it was by no means a very complex one.

“How long do you think I took to create this?” he asked.

“An hour?” I ventured.

I still remember the huge sigh he let out. Turns out, he had spent the entire morning to create that flowchart, and I had majorly ticked him off.

He then told me that he took so long, not because he couldn’t decide how the process should flow. In fact, he had been 5 steps ahead of the computer the entire time. It was the computer that had slowed him down!

Why are computers so bad at creating diagrams?

There had to be a better way to create diagrams quickly, I remember thinking then.

Then another incident re-ignited the desire for me to tackle this problem. I was having a discussion with a sales team that was preparing a presentation of their workflow to a client.

They had a massive dilemma – present the entire workflow diagram at once, and risk overwhelming and confusing the client, or spend hours on Microsoft Powerpoint or Visio to painstakingly draw up shapes, and animate them one at a time. They ended up doing the latter.

These two events told me that I wasn’t alone. Creating diagrams on modern computers should be a swift and pain-free process, and I knew that the quickest way to give precise instructions to a computer isn’t through the mouse, but with the keyboard. Hence, I created a texted-diagramming tool, and I called it Textografo.


People always say that the greatest companies always start from a quest to solve a personal problem. But I’m glad that many of you relate to this problem, and have been telling me how life changing Textografo has been to you.

So that’s my story, are you ready to create yours with Textografo?